Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services here. Those of you who are new to our services are encouraged to review the relevant pages and answers to common questions.

A sample cannot be produced without an order. We will run a sample for approval after we receive your payment. Any job we run will be approved before we start it.

A sample will generally be delivered within 7 working days after you have placed your order.

Production can vary dependant on whether you do production in the UK or in our factories abroad. 

UK production ranges between 2-4 weeks

Overseas production takes 8-10 weeks

Contact a company representative via email or instagram after your logo has been designed by our designers or your own personal one to learn about its size, location, and printing method. We would be grateful for any examples you may have. An order can be placed once you have been quote

The sample will be delivered within 7-14 working days after you place your bulk order. They will proceed with the bulk order if the sample matches what you were expecting. The delivery process will take no longer than seven to fourteen days. You can then either pick up from their base in London or request door-to-door delivery.

The MOQ for bespoke items is usually 20 pieces, the more you order the more discount you get!

To get a more accurate quote on enquire with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Orders vary depending on where they were placed. Our factory in the UK will be able to make changes for you if you place an order with us, however the sample will become part of your purchase. 

Example: Suppose the design of 20 t-shirts you ordered with printing wasn't what you wanted, so you changed it. You will only have 19 t-shirts left for production since we will use one of the 20 t-shirts. 

In the event that your product is manufactured abroad, we will not be able to make any changes. It is not possible to change anything once the tech pack has been approved. Visit our Tech Packs page to learn more!

It is not possible to refund your item once it has been approved by yourself and printed. The reason for this is that we create sample orders and have a dedicated team to guide you through the process of developing your tech pack.

It gives you time to change anything you need to without affecting production.

We offer a range of prints, D2G, digital print, vinyl print, screen print, DTF print and screen print. We also offer embroidery which is stitched into the garment. 

To find out more about the print methods please click here

Machine wash the clothes on a gentle cycle with the insides out.

In addition to preventing fabric fading, cold water also helps preserve printed colors. To ensure your shirt's best protection, do not use harsh detergents or bleach.

Here in the UK we generally use cotton poly blends or 100% cotton. 

When it comes to Overseas, you can tell us what fabric you want and we source it for you.

Get in touch and we will cater to your needs.

Once you place an order, you will be connected with our designer to create a tech pack, your order will then be passed on to our sampling team. Once approved order will be completed.