Full Tech Pack

Your tech packs will be drawn in clear line drawings with annotations which will enable a manufacturer to follow exactly how you want your clothes to look
Full Tech Pack

Full Tech Pack


You can get error-free samples that match your original vision with the help of a comprehensive, easy-to-read Tech Pack.

Designing a Tech Pack, or specification sheet, involves communicating your vision to an apparel manufacturer so they can translate it into a finished garment. This document serves as a blueprint for the final garment, with information such as detailed flat sketches, information on fabric material, size gradings, colorways, and measurement specs.

A tech pack will:

  • save you time and money
  • help with accurate price quotation
  • be a reference point for quality control
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A quick run down on what you could expect.



The link should be sent to the email address you provided once you have purchased the tech pack.
Once you've completed the check-out process, you'll also see an option saying 'Download.'



Within the downloaded link, you will find a zip file. Both MacOS and Windows are compatible with this zip file. We will be happy to assist you if you are having any trouble opening the files.



You will see 36 customisable tech packs that you can use to clearly communicate with your manufacturers. Including hats, jumpers, gym wear and jackets.



Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. What is a Tech Pack?

    You can play around with our full tech pack, exploring new ideas and potential designs, and new possibilities. Our tech pack will help manufacturers. Essentially, tech packs are blueprints for your clothes. 

    They use clear line drawings with annotations to detail the technical specifications and details for your clothing design. In order to communicate your design effectively to a manufacturer, you need to have the right technical package. Tech packs play a critical role in determining the quality of your clothing.
  2. 2. How do i access the Tech Pack after i purchased it?

    Immediately, You will receive an automated email with a link to download your tech pack immediately after you complete payment. Mac: Double-click the .zip file, then locate the product folder. 

     If you're using a PC, you can double-click a compressed folder to extract a single file or folder. Once the compressed folder has been unzipped, drag the file or folder to another location. Using the right-click menu, choose Extract All, and then follow the instructions to extract all content from the compressed folder.
  3. 3. What if i need help using my Tech Pack?

    If you don't know how to use a tech pack we offer a consultation where you can sit down with Branded's top designers. A consultation with one of our designers would be the best way to understand the tech pack and develop your own. 

    Additionally, they can use their expertise to explain where and why the design will and won't work. Save your time by scheduling a consultation with us rather than sitting through hours of research, editing, and building yourself! 


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